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Narcissistic. Difficult. High conflict. 

These personality styles can wreak havoc in the workplace and raise numerous issues related to litigation, risk management, client relationships, and ultimately the reputation of a company or institution.  In addition, the presence of such personalities in the workplace can significantly erode both employee and client morale, and destroy the culture of both big and small workplaces. Labor guidelines can restrict using personality variables as factors in hiring, retention or termination.  HR departments are often restricted in their responsivity. The simultaneous subtlety and destructiveness of these patterns makes this a delicate minefield.

Consultative services which address a range of issues specific to your organization include:
  • An overview of high conflict personalities, what they are, how they look, and their ramifications for the workplace
  • Consultation on issues relevant to specific workplaces on the behaviors, patterns, and issues
  • A toolkit for how to manage these issues overall, or to address specific case by case issues
  • In service training for staff at all levels on how to manage these patterns with clients, co-workers, and superiors


Consultation packages are tailored to specific workplace needs, industry, and referral questions.

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